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Never Too Late | luistentindo

There are so many things to let go of and today is a great day to start with a clear intention to LET GO and MOVE ON.

Today, letting go takes the form of working on things that will move my life forward, upgrade, uplift, and generally take care of myself (yes, self care is very important).

Letting go (today and for me) means creating a list of 5 things that I will TAKE ACTION ON (TODAY) to help move my life forward. Moving my creativity, income, business abilities, and general feeling state.

Letting go and moving on means taking care of myself. Knowing that I can give myself permission to fully take care of and be responsible to myself. It’s crucial to take care of myself, especially because that’s what everyone else is doing. Especially in the arts, which has been my wheelhouse for many years. But, things are changing. I’m creating a new model for myself to thrive and enjoy and to have more fun.

More on that soon. For this moment and this article, I’d like to share one big thing that I’m learning about and that has been very helpful. If my brain / body / energy field (whatever works for you) is kicking up unhelpful / unpleasant thoughts, memories, projections and the like, I don’t have to let my whole day, week, month, year be controlled by that. I can have ave the self awareness to notice that these sometimes very unpleasant feeling and thinking states are there, but I don’t have to be dominated by them. Instead, I put my focus / attention to what needs to get done. The things that are simply obvious and practical that needs to be taken care of today. TODAY! And the sometimes less obvious, but important things that I need to move forward on to improve my quality of life. Things that bring me closer to my goals and dreams. So, I focus on those things (and usually) something wonderful happens. Even in just a few minutes of taking action on something that I need to do, I feel my mind and body relax. I often feel a lighting of previously stressed or heavy energy and I feel the confidence that comes from showing myself that I can direct my attention to what needs to be done.

It’s a big shift for me. In the past, I would feel bad and then want to feel better before I took care of things. And sometimes, I did not feel better and then I didn’t take care of important things. And then, I would feel worse because, deep down, I knew that I needed to do that stuff. I can be a vicious cycle and I’m teaching myself that I do not need to stay in the loop of being overly focusing on the unpleasant thoughts, feelings, stress and all the rest. It really is a muscle and there’s lots of cutting edge neuroscience to back this up.

Being aware of the thoughts and feelings I have is very important. It’s also important to keep building the mind-muscle of knowing that I can choose (or at least influence) which thoughts and feelings I engage with and how I do that. There is far more choice in our operating system that I imagined. That’s a very good thing!

I’ll be writing more about this process more. Sharing words, audio, video, artwork, and other offerings.