As a visual and performing artist, educator, and cultural activist I focus on creating processes in which story, movement and object collide. This collision leads to the creation of performances, site-specific happenings, and workshops. I seek to promote the experience of collaboration, joy-in-art-making, and to explore intriguing ways in which to look at personal as well as universals subjects in a performative context.

I seek to make work that is engaging, progressive, and accessible as I forge relationships with my audience, performers, community-member, fellow artist/researchers, presenters and supporters. Ultimately, I want my work to be a healing, aesthetically sophisticated, and transformational influence in the world. I seek to create work that functions as a bridge for mutual understanding as I see my work as being a call to action in ways both personal and political, encouraging people to seek their highest aspirations. Through these creative processes, I work towards greater agency and autonomy and I aim to encourage these qualities within frameworks in which I engage in as an artist, educator, and aspiring scholar.


The many twists and turns of my creative life can be best represented as the falling into a sequential series of vortices. First, it was the visual arts, then contemporary/modern, dance, then puppet-theater. From the realms of highly abstract works to the sense of the everyday story, I have moved through these forms as an aesthetic interloper. In each context I have worked professionally and with all my best efforts to become conversant with each individual form. This personal, professional and spiritual process has progressed for many years and many lessons have been learned.

The purpose of my work in an integrative one as I hijack the forms of movement art (dance), puppet-theater, and storytelling to create my own interdisciplinary approach. I work to tell a good story, and to explore ways in which the forms of movement, object and text can come together to create expanded layers of meaning and metaphor. I work to tell a story of complex grace and to connect with my audience through direct interaction and/or participation.